Our company has an edge over our competitors because we offer prompt services that lead to fast results. We have a quick & permanent credit cleaning service. When you need unparalleled credit-related services, there’s no better choice than 30 Day Credit Fix. We offer credit restoration and consultation services. When you want to increase your credit score fast and permanent, we’ll help you make that happen.

Within the first 14-21 days, clients will see the majority of deletions and removals of some of the bad debt such as collections, alimony, charge-offs, tax-liens, evictions, repossessions, and bankruptcy. Within 45 days, the 30 Day Credit Fix Credit Cleaning Process will have been completed.

We also can remove lates, inquiries, student loans and errors on credit report. There’s nothing we cannot fix or remove for you.

We also provide trade-lines to turbo-boost your credit score if you lack positive trade lines or seasoned credit history.

What separates us from other companies that offer similar services to ours – is that we don’t just help clients who have bad credit. We also provide consultations to people who have good and great credit – even business credit. We are a full service, world-class boutique credit service. We help those that just need that extra push to get a car or housing loan approved. We also offer advance strategies with building your credit. Such as travel points, cash back credit cards, acquiring business credit and customer rewards programs.

Having been in the financial, mortgage and credit sector for over 20 years, our experience and expertise is unprecedented. We offer truly World-Class Service.
Contact us today to request a free no obligation quote and credit assessment for our services. 30 Day Credit Fix is here to be of service to you.

Price varies and customized to the clients specific needs and goals. Contact us today.

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